Strasbourg Christmas Market – The Best Christmas Market in France

Christmas in Strasbourg, France is like a yuletide fairytale.  This enchanting town in the Alsace region in France has earned its nickname as the Capital of Christmas with its festive decorations and undeniable Christmas Spirit. If you’re looking to fall in love with Christmas this European destination is a perfect choice!

The beautiful and quaint town of Strasbourg, France in the Alsace region of France is something you’d expect to see in a fairytale. A small river runs through the town, lined with ancient half-timber houses sporting pitched roofs.

Not only is Strasbourg a site to behold all through the year, but at Christmas time it transforms itself into La Capitale de Noel or The Capital of Christmas, and once you’ve been to Strasbourg at Christmas, there is no denying its claim to the name.

Strasbourg Christmas market
Every storefront has a different theme and decoration!

The unique charm of Strasbourg is unmatched! It lies along the border of France and Germany so its customs and way of life aren’t quite French and aren’t quite German, but definitively Alsatian.

For the past 300 years, the region of Alsace has been bounced back and forth between France and various German states, giving this area a distinct dialect and culture. The capital of Alsace is Strasbourg, thus affirming its legitimacy as the Capital of Christmas!

Strasbourg Christmas Market

Having been to many European Christmas markets, I can undoubtedly say that this is my favorite.

The Christmas decorations in Strasbourg are over the top, but at the same time elegant. Each shop had its own themed decoration, some even had moving parts and music. It was truly breathtaking. Add in the already charming appearance of the town and it was like being inside a snow globe!

Strasbourg Christmas Market
I love the ancient half-timber houses all around Strasbourg!

Another reason that Strasbourg is considered La Capitale de Noel is that it is actually the oldest and largest Christmas market in France, running since 1570, and one of the oldest in Europe! Known as the Christkindelsmärik, the town has continued this ancient tradition with over 300 stalls filled with Christmas wares, food, and treats.

Strasbourg Christmas Market Map
Here is a map of Strasbourg with the different markets around town. Click the map to download it.

There are actually several Christmas Markets in the town. Strasbourg is almost like an island, surrounded by offshoots of the Rhine River, and it is easily walkable. There is also a tram that weaves through the city providing easily accessible public transportation.

But if you have the energy, I recommend walking as you will see so many hidden little alleyways and shops this way. I always say, “don’t be afraid to get lost!”

Strasbourg Christmas Market
Hot Orange Juice for Life! So good!
Strasbourg Christmas Market
How cute are these little elves?

What to Buy at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

This is France! Be sure to buy any pastries you see at the Strasbourg Christmas Market! You will not be disappointed. I also found some amazing loose leaf teas. I fell in love with the hot orange juice. It sounds weird, but it was delicious. I don’t drink alcohol, but the hot wine looked beautiful and smelled amazing. I’m always all about the food and drink, but there were some beautiful ornaments and treasures to be found in the market as well.

Strasbourg France Christmas Market
My first taste of Icelandic Hot Dogs which I’m now addicted to!

Strasbourg Christmas Market Guest Country

Each year the Strasbourg Christmas Market hosts a Guest Country who bring their own traditional market to Strasbourg. Several stalls are filled with this country’s food, goods, and more. Last year it was Iceland, where I ate my first delicious Icelandic hot dog (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this) and purchased a beautiful Icelandic wool sweater. For someone who loves learning about new cultures, this was a highlight for me. This year’s guest country at the Strasbourg Christmas Market is Finland and I bet its amazing!

The Crowds in Strasbourg and Petit France

The Strasbourg Christmas Market receives over 2 million visitors annually, but it didn’t feel overly crowded to me. If you’re looking to escape the crowds, you can wander over to Petite France, probably the most iconic view of Strasbourg, and it is just as charming in real life as it is in the pictures.

Strasbourg Christmas Market
Most delicious Chocolat Chaud!

One morning I arose early and stopped by a boulangerie for a pain au chocolat and a chocolat chaud to warm me up, then meandered around Petit France and watched the parents walk or bike their children to the local ecole. Can you imagine seeing such sites while taking the kids to school? I think I could get used to that!

Money at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

Euros are used in France and I highly recommend taking out cash to use as most stalls only accept cash and coins. There were a few vendors who accepted cards, but having cash made it much easier and also allowed me to stay within my budget! Win-win! Amiright?!

Strasbourg Christmas Market Airbnb
Absolutely loved the view from this Airbnb!

Where to Stay in Strasbourg

If you’re planning to stay in Strasbourg, book ASAP.  Hotels and Airbnbs book up far in advance! We stayed at this Airbnb which was incredible and literally opened its windows to the magnificent Strasbourg Cathedral. If you haven’t yet signed up for Airbnb yet, you should! I think its the most affordable way to stay around the world.  Click here to save $55 on your first stay!

I recommend staying within the “island” of Strasbourg as this is where the Christmas markets will be. Petit France is a beautiful area to stay in and the Cathedral area is also very central to everything. You really can’t go wrong. There are not many cars allowed downtown, so if you are driving to Strasbourg, park in one of the parking structures just outside the city center.

How to get to Strasbourg

The location of Strasbourg on the border of France and Germany means that you will have quite a few options for getting there. It is literally surrounded by international airports with good flights, like Paris, Zurich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Basel. If you want to know how I score seriously cheap flights, read this.

Here are the times and costs (as of December 2018) of traveling to Strasbourg:

By Car

  • Paris, France – 5-hours
  • Stuttgart, Germany – 2.5-hours
  • Zurich, Switzerland – 3-hours
  • Frankfurt, Germany – 2.5-hours
  • Basel, Switzerland – 2-hours

By Train

  • Paris, France –  2-hours, €100
  • Stuttgart, Germany – 1.5-hours, €60
  • Frankfurt, Germany – 2-hours, €60
  • Zurich, Switzerland – 2.5-hours, €80
  • Basel, Switzerland – 1.5-hours, €50
Strasbourg Christmas Market
There was beautiful music playing everywhere around town!

I hope you make it to the Strasbourg Christmas Market someday! It really is the Capital of Christmas and worth a visit!

Strasbourg Christmas Market
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